Association: what we do


The quality actions for the control and quality of facilities belonging to TERRANOSTRA

For a long time Terranostra is committed to enhancing the associated structures , providing entrepreneurs with opportunities for professional growth and tools to understand and appreciate the quality achieved from their structures . The ultimate goal is to offer to our guests the security to receive services and products that meet the stated characteristics.
The initiative took off in 2000, with the adoption of the system of quality of Terranostra, through which, in reference to the UNI EN ISO 9002, the association assigns the appropriate brand to companies that:

  • comply with the style of hospitality set by TERRANOSTRA
  • ensure transparency in communication by adopting an ad hoc procedure for the confirmation of reservations
  • are subjected to the judgment of the guests, handing them upon arrival at the company, the board of assessment of customer satisfaction

The verification of the possession and storage requirements by companies that boast the
TERRANOSTRA quality brand is carried through the structure national, regional and
provincial association and with the cooperation of the guests, whose opinion is held in high

The projects



  • web portal;
  • book “Agriturismo” published by De Agostini and realized in two languages ??(Italian / English), for sale in major bookstores and newsstands of the peninsula and is distributed at exhibitions, fairs and events of national and international;

  • special agreements with agencies, institutions, buying groups;
  • will soon be available also a system of reservations.