Association: welcome card



  • Hospitality, reception by the contractor and/or his family.
  • Readiness to learn about the company, its activities, its productions and the surrounding area.
  • Clear information on prices, services offered, directions and relative georeferencing.
  • Accordance with local regulations concerning farm, hygiene and health and safety.
  • Attention to the environment (water use, waste disposal, alternative energy, maintenance and protection of the territory).
  • Commitment to ensuring food safety, and to avoid the presence of GMOs.


  • Commitment to the use and sale of farm produce, 0 miles, farms belonging to the network of Campagna Amica, in respect of the local, seasonal and traditional, offering menus that use the products.
  • Enhancement brand products PGI, TSG, PDO, BIO, DOC, DOCG.
  • Membership to the network of member firms in TERRANOSTRA.
  • Security of supply of all products at the network Campagna Amica, engaging the knowledge and dissemination of the principles underpinning.