Association: our statute



(Constitution of the Association)

Is formed, with founding act of the National Confederation Coldiretti (hereinafter, Coldiretti or the founder), the Association TERRANOSTRA, also called short-form TERRANOSTRA.


Terranostra, based in Rome at Coldiretti, has size and operation of national character, in the agro, and the promotion of rural areas in general.

The duration of the Association is open-ended.

Terranostra is the sole owner of the exclusive use of its distinctive features, namely its own name declined in the various logos registered. These brands will distinguish the activities and initiatives of political and trade union representation in the institutional world of the farm for the benefit of its members, at both national and local (regional and provincial).

Regional and Provincial Associations adopt as its symbol the brand’s National Association, filed with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

The same brand will mark the activities carried out by members agritourism entrepreneurs.

The loss of membership at any level and for any reason determines the unavailability of immediate use of the mark TERRANOSTRA and related logos.


Constitution of the Association

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